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Videx door entry manual

Audio/video vandal resistant technical manual VER1.1 trouble shooting video systems symptom test No call tone, Videophone works only by Check the 13Vac on the Art.850 PSU pressing the camera recall button.
Connector PCB (CB) Function Spare connector terminals Common of call buttons Spare connection terminal Call button 1 videx connection Call button 2 connection Call button 3 connection Call button 4 connection Call button 5 connection Call button 6 connection Call button 7 connection Call button.
The Art.502 switches both audio and lock release request to the door that calls.Check 24Vac videx on Art.850 Check jumper JP4 on the videophone is in position B Check wires 1 6 are ok from the Art890 entry to the videophone and 20Vdc is present during a call.Without brackets are signal 12(1) TV1(2) TV2(3) 1(4) 2(5) 3(6) 4(7) 5(8) 6(9) 7(10) V(11) door M(12) R(13) C(14) -(15) T(16) 1T(17) 2T(18).35mm.35mm.35mm.35mm.35mm.35mm.35mm.35mm.35mm.35mm.35mm.35mm.35mm.5mm.35mm.35mm.35mm.35mm.5mm.35mm.5mm.5mm.5mm.Camera module manual (Art.830 830C) Connection Function I 20Vdc input 200mA (400mA - 830C) F1 0entre core of coax video cable M Screen of coax video cable SB 8-12Vdc camera heater.VER1.1, audio system power supply Art.520M The standard power supply is the Art.520M.Connections Terminal Function Power input 24Vac Power input 13Vac TV1.Try changing the Art890 Videophone red LED on but no picture Check coax cable is not broken or short entry Check Art.894 is powering up manual with 12Vdc during a call. The relay stays latches manual at the door last door called.
Each of the cracklancer two outputs is individually fused.
Audio systems symptom test No speech from the door panel to the Check terminal 2 on the amplifier for continuity to terminal 2 on the telephone.
Check for any games broken coaxs or screens.A standard video system will games comprise of a door panel, video controller, power games supply.VER1.1, art.850 The 850 transformer includes a 13Vac (1A max.) output jazz and a 24Vac (1A max.) output.Maximum acceptable resistance for all terminals except 1(4) 6(9) door 10 and terminals 1(4) 6(9) 6 V is the centre core of the coax and M is the screen.Check the voltage drops to approx.

It is also possible to spread the video distributors around the building (Please see wiring diagrams for more information).
Please use the installation cable supplied unless you need a greater distance between the 2 units.
Keep all packaging videx door entry manual away from children.