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Olympic nes emulator for psp

images (cover scans, disc.
I olympic think it's main problem is that the games for it are still.
Thank you for your nomination.
(USA) The Triathron » emulator NES Triathron, The (Japan) Track Meet » GB Track Meet (USA, Europe).They have to make at least an attempt to discourage olympic the emulation being done for the psp.It's just like if all psp games could be played on a nintendo ds and they looked just as good.Step 5: Enjoy this is 100 legal if you have any questions comment them.Don't say something sucks, if you haven't owned and operated it, and used it to its full potential.By psp lover use the nes (5:12pm est sat jul 02 2005) the nintendo emu works the best since emulator it's the least taxing on the memory card.Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (USA 980123) ».By psp1.50 sony is smart (4:52pm est sun jul 03 2005) you guys need to understand that if sony allows users to play unlicensed content, and people create emulators to play nintendo's stuff nintendo can slap a lawsuit on them for copyright infringment.Once you buy one, you'll see why its so hyped. Most likely those of you who say the psp sucks do not even have one.
Metal Slug - Super Vehicle-001 neo-Geo street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future (Euro 990608) ».I run alot of emulators and havent had any problems yet.By blah blah blah psp killa hater (7:25pm est sat jul 02 2005) the psp is the only handheld console thats taking over for now untill the gpod comes out, but naruto i'll still like my psp, but the gpod had 2gigs of builtin memory and.Mwahahaha by evolved (8:29am est sat jul 02 2005) still sux's to me but dont you agree withj me on what i sead on the top by al psp haters (2:43pm est sat jul 02 2005) i just want to give a shout games out.Step 3: Putting the Emulator on Psp now when you plugged your psp in you should have seen a little window click on open folder to view files and if you just closed it out unplug naruto your psp and plug it back in now.Step 2: Downloading the File ok now go naruto to this games link m/daedalus-psp-r13-released/ now click on download for psp slim or fat whichever one you have save the file to downloads or if you have google chrome or firefox it will automatically go to downloads now.Participated in the, hack It!There is so much you can do with the psp, and i recommend it to anyone w/ a brain.Metal Slug 6 the King of Fighters 2002 (NGM-2650 crack NGH-2650) ».Metal Slug 5 (NGM-2680) cadillacs and Dinosaurs (World vocabulary 930201) ».Too bad this piece of hype is still overpriced at the moment.It's incredible, and worth every penny.In other words it's runs flawlessly.