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Ender in Flight editovat editovat zdroj (Ender v letu) První vydání: 2008 Tato povídka byla vlenna do dje románu Ender ve vyhnanství.Je to první souboj v Enderov život, kdy je Ender dobrovoln pipraven zemít, ale opt se enderova ukáže jeho skvlá intuice, nebo Fazolkv..
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Mark scheme january pdf 639kb ocr

mark scheme january pdf 639kb ocr

C The following types of marks are available.
FT their P(T M providing probabilities between 0 and 1 3 Allow labels such as P(T) etc Allow other shapes in place of circles No need for box FT from.1815 in (ii) gives.3685,.1815,.1485,.3015 5 (i) P(X1) P(g,b)P(b,g)P(b,b,g)P(b,b,b,g) M1 For any.Correct but unfamiliar or unexpected methods are often signalled by a correct january result following an apparently incorrect method.If in doubt, contact your mark Team Leader.Discuss the scheme title of the scheme novel and how you mark feel it connects with scheme the story.Did you also know that.F Wrong or missing units in an answer should not lead to the loss of a mark unless the scheme specifically indicates otherwise.For this magazine there is no download available.Candidates are expected to give numerical answers to an appropriate degree of accuracy, with scheme 3 significant figures often being the norm.Unsupported correct answers get 5 marks. The A, M and B annotations must be used on your orders standardisation scripts for responses that are not awarded either 0 or full marks.
Remember licia that the mark scheme instruction is designed to assist in marking incorrect solutions.
Accuracy marks cannot be given unless the associated Method mark is earned (or implied).
p p 6455.859 M1.86, not.9 5 Allow 22/16 Use of cheats E(X-)2 gets M1 for attempt at (x-)2 should see (-1.375)2, (-0.375)2, (0.625)2,.6252,.6252 (if E(X) correct but FT their E(X) (all 5 correct for M1 then M1 for p(x-)2 (at.B Mark for a correct result or statement independent of Method marks.OCR qualifications include AS/A Levels, crack Diplomas, gcses, OCR Nationals, Functional Skills, Key Skills, Entry cheats Level qualifications, NVQs and vocational qualifications in areas such as IT, business, languages, teaching/training, administration and secretarial skills.D When a part of a question has two or more method steps, the M marks are in principle independent unless the scheme specifically says otherwise; and similarly where there regni are several B marks allocated.OCR will not enter into any discussion or correspondence in connection with this mark scheme.Are you sure you want to delete licia your template?Mail this publication, loading.Unless otherwise indicated, marks once gained cannot subsequently be lost, eg wrong working following a correct form of answer is ignored.2 or 4 significant figures where 3 is expected) should not normally be penalised, while answers which are grossly over- or under-specified should normally result in the loss of a mark.

You may find it easier to mark follow through questions candidate-by-candidate rather than question-by-question.
2135.02 A1 CAO ignore units Allow more accurate answers 3 CAO Do not allow 759/60 as final answer but allow 12 13/20.59 - 60 their mean2 BUT note M0 if their Sxx lt; 0 For s2.2 (or better) allow M1A0 with.
Correct solutions leading to correct answers are awarded full marks but work must not be judged on the answer alone, and answers that are given in the question, especially, must be validly obtained; mark scheme january pdf 639kb ocr key steps in the working must always be looked at and anything.