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You ran out of coal ages ago, and crack in desperation threw up a dirty little coking industry where you'd originally planned to crack put your crack tailoring district just so you could make new coal out of your over-abundance of wood.Suddenly it's 4-4..
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Heroes of annihilated empires v1 1 patch

Mage of annihilated Fire, mage of Cold.
Mechanics GolemStream Damage 1 changed to heroes 6 patch (from 5 heroes Damage 2 400 heroes (from 500).There were some annihilated seriously worthless spells, some broken ones, spells that didn't level up at all, and some that had patch no equal.Summoned Archer Damage changed to 15 (from 10).Run the game, if installed successfully, you should have "Unofficial" in the bottom right of the main menu.Drops from strong mages.Upgrades of Werewolf: attack 2 upgrade changed to 3 (from 4).Tank HP increased to 2050.Werewolf Humanform protection against arrows changed to 6 (from 4). Vampire - Cost modified manual Iron 30 (from 50).
Heros magic protection has bigger impact.
Skyer Life changed to 600 crack (previously 300 Damage 1 500 (from 700 Damage 2 50 (from 30 speed of movement reduced.Healing upgrade price changed to Food 100(from 500 duration to 300(from 500).Archer defense upgrades are carried out crack faster.19.Upgrade on heroes running speed now gives manual hero a bonus of 4, 6, 8 (as opposed to 6, 9, 12).Arrows of elf archers and werewolves in panasonic human form have bigger scatter of fire and slightly lower flight speed.Items, spells and hero skills are all enabled on the campaign however.Skeleton Captain Damage changed to 25 (from 20 Cost modified Gold 175 crack (previously 275).Druid damage upgrade added (2 attack).Ice - 5 super upgrades (a unique Upgrade, affects all units in the nation (provides 1 attack,1 defense,6 to movement speed).AntiMagic - cooldown changed to 30 (from 65 duration increase based on heros level lowered.Upgrades on Riflemen building speed changed -33 (from -25).

Storm - Cost changed to 1500(from 800 frequency of heroes of annihilated empires v1 1 patch lightning and damage decreased, doesnt stun heroes anymore.
Hurricane damage against flying enemies decreased, slow-down of enemies increased to 60(from 40 ranged units can fire, but at short distance 230.