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Fuji s1000fd service manual

Schematics 3-1 /p p 1-1.
Solder type: Sn96.5Ag3Cu0.5 (Displayed symbol: SnAgCu) Wire diameter:.6,.8.0 mm Sample: /p p lead-free /p p Wire diameter.8mm Solder type (Displayed symbol) SnAgCu /p p Flux /p p Conventional ux can be used.
Check the manual entire board surface for solder splasher and fuji bridges.Installation locations for the service seal service and mylar.p p Uniform heating of the board and components To ensure that the lead-free solder wets the entire surface of the pattern and the lands despite its manual poor wetting characteristics, you must move the tip of the soldering iron over a wide area to raise.Packing and Accessories 6-1-1.Inspection and Factory Settings.Difference Countermeasure The initial melting point of lead-free solder is high, manual so you have to get used.Explanation of each block.3-2 3-4.p p Names of internal Components.2-1 Removing the back cover const.2-2 Disassembling manual the back cover const.2-2 Removing the LCD and TOP cover const.2-3 Disassembling the TOP cover const.2-5 2-5-1.Learn to recognize the appearance of the surface. Look for parts which, though functioning, show obvious signs of deterioration.
Important point before adjustment.4-1 4-1-1.
1: Excluded items (list of the main lead-related items) Lead included in glass used in uorescent tubes, electronic crack components and cathode-ray tubes Lead in high-melting-point solder crack (i.e.
Lead, mercury, cadmium, fuji hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs) and polybrominated diphenyl ether (pbde) /p p When carrying out repairs, use a most designated lead-free solder, bearing in mind the differing work practices for conventional solder (eutectic) and lead-free solder.CCD FPC block 3-6-4.Tin-lead solder alloys that contain 85 lead alice or more) Lead in ceramic electronic parts (piezo-electronic devices) Mercury contained in uorescent tubes is also excluded.Disassembling the front cover const.Look for unauthorized need replacement parts, particularly transistors, that were installed during a previous repair.End Voltage 4-11 manual 4-9.Parts List 6-1 /p p 6-1.Mylar A and battery seal to the battery PWB assy.Check the area of your repair for unsoldered or poorly soldered connections.Removing the EVF and flash unit.2-7 2-6.