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Abc nacara procedures manual

The Flight Standards NPG and Assessment and Planning Module (APM) utilize ptrs to encompass a broad range of responsibilities: planning and surveillance activities, scheduling manpower resources, recording ASI activities, evaluating accomplishments, procedures analyzing results for patterns or trends, and modifying planned manual activities.
Airman (Cert) # Certificate numbers consist of nine alpha/numeric characters.
procedures Managers and supervisors should be aware that local data is uploaded to the mainframe for use at a national level and can be accessed in nptrs.Under no circumstances should procedures be initiated or established to record or track a persons daily presence by using ptrs work activities.EIR procedures numbers must be entered into this field for tracking purposes when procedures a surveillance activity (second digit of the activity number is 6) is closed out with a results code.The Safety Performance Analysis System (spas) will be used to acknowledge adverse trends brought to the principal inspectors attention.(c) U (Unacceptable) Inspectors should use this opinion code for situations when a person, item, or subject area is not in compliance with the FARs, approved procedures, or safe manual operating practices.The credit is intended for the inspector actually assigned the primary responsibility to perform the task.(22) Rec(ommending) Instructor Cert # Enter manual the certificate number of the instructor that recommended the person for certification.The ptrs Comment Section contains one or more of the following kinds procedures of information: Comments regarding problems, advice, recommendations, analyses, suggestions, or evaluations.In addition, when an activity is closed with E, the enforcement number must be included in the EIR # data field. Changes to tuneup this type of properties table generally require extensive coordination with agencies outside of AFS and will take more time to process.
They can be opened (Status Code O) at the beginning of the certification or recorded as they are accomplished. .
Table of fsas Functions Levels Function Available 4 All fsas functions are available.Comments concerning airports may game result from various types of work activities such as ramp inspections or En Route Inspections.An F code requires additional information to be entered care in Section.primary areas A (Air Carrier Operations) The primary area Air Carrier Operations is used to code comments pertaining to the operational areas of air carrier activities conducted under 14 CFR parts 121 and 135 (including activities of an action applicant for a certificate logic to conduct those.The record can then be found using the record ID game number and it then may be updated.Work activity may be entered in the inspectors domicile office.This code is used in two different situations.The remainder of this section will discuss different techniques an inspector might use to describe the many situations encountered while conducting surveillance.This form is divided into the following sections: Section I (Transmittal) - This section has spaces for recording information that describe the type of job function performed, the overall results of the activity, data pertinent to the subject of the activity, and other information.